hello, i'm kaitlyn.

I'm a teacher and storyteller devoted to the pathway of divine remembrance and soul embodiment. I am here to live in truth, as love, with spirit, and to be a mirror to those walking their journey back to themselves and God - the journey of remembrance and reclamation of our true essence. Living in wholeness, freedom, truth, and magic.  

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Join my Membership Space.

A sacred and supportive space for self reflection and healing. This membership offers the potency and possibility that exists for transformation, clarity, and healing, when we come together in amplified love. Featuring monthly letters and reflections, embodiment & presence practices, community circles, and more.


It takes courage to choose yourself and make a commitment to your healing. It starts with a willingness to meet yourself exactly as you are with genuine intention to love and remember truth. It starts with a vow to see all there is to see, and to feel all there is to feel. We give space for transformation and alchemy in this way.



- Sheesha B.

Stepping into breathwork, especially if you are new to it, can feel quite uncomfortable. Kaitlyn has a home frequency that is safe and calm, like a big warm hug from a dear friend you've been missing. She will guide you as you honor yourself through breath and help you journey to an inner place unique to you. Kaitlyn is encouraging, loving, dedicated, and both a practiced learner and teacher of this work.

- Allie S.

I reached out to Kaitlyn because I saw genuine joy radiating from her like a bright light. Although this was the big token, I saw she was also very raw and shared her whole truth. She was human after all, and wasn't afraid to show it. This was something I craved my whole life. I've struggled for so long with feelings of anxiety and self doubt. In the few months I've worked with her, I've learned more about myself and how to deal with my feelings and turn them into something beautiful. I'm excited to continue to grow into the person who I always knew was in my soul. I couldn't have started this journey without the support of Kaitlyn.