to ourselves is radical and profoundly transformational. In a world that creates and breeds a total disconnection from the divine, the body, the heart, and the breath, reconnecting with ourselves in this way to our core is an act of courage. This disconnection leads to superficiality and the constant search of sourcing our needs externally. But, it is within where our own medicine lies. It is where the truth lies. It is where our innate worthiness lies. This is where our journey begins. 

As we begin to choose ourselves and all that that entails, we will be asked to walk through highs and lows, ups and downs, pain and joy, all opening ourselves up to our hearts and to more of who we are. We will hold that courage, and let love be our anchor, as we face all of who we are and aren't, move through the layers of ourselves, and alchemize deeply held wounds and stories that have kept us from living fully, presently, and truthfully. We will reconnect with our divine essence, embody all that we are, and emanate that authenticity in all ways.

This is a journey of healing, honesty, humility, remembrance, and expansion. The key is to give ourselves compassion, patience, and grace, through our process, and to surrender into the divine unfolding of it all. 

Walking Home

journey with me through an intimate and personalized four month mentorship.

True Emanation

A sacred one on one journey home to come back to your self, your body, and your heart. This container is the culmination of my own experiences, initiations, studies, and embodied gnosis, and a sacred space for inner exploration and transformation. A journey within, transcending the past, and walking home towards the embodiment and emanation of your truest self, soul sovereignty, and freedom within every fiber of your being. Bringing the visions held deep within your heart to life, as the devotional co-creative woman and leader that you innately are.

It's time to come back home.

I deeply believe it is your birthright to thrive on every level of your being and life - fully embodied and expressed in your beauty and wholeness. In both your divinity, and your humanity - an emanation of the raw, true, and multifaceted you.

The core of most resistance to this embodied expression and fruitful life are the stories of lack, trauma, and wounds that are held unconsciously in our body and mind. These imprints, patterns, and stories are a culmination of our life experiences, and are often left to stagnate and amplify in our system, relationships, and life. They can fracture us into a state of felt incompleteness, separateness, and scarcity. My goal as your Embodiment Mentor is to ultimately mirror your wholeness to you, and hold you as you journey inward, meet yourself deeper, cultivate safety within your body, move through this resistance, and remember the divine essence within you.

Through heart based and grounded mentoring where you are fully seen, held, and received, I use an intuitive blend of somatic body and breathwork, mirroring, and a resource-filled sacred alchemical container to support you in deep self discovery, self-sourcing, and self-mastery through your transformation. . 

Are you ready for real, tangible, lasting transformation?

Are you ready to cultivate deep connection and safety within yourself and your body?

Are you ready to bridge the gap within your being between who you are and who you think you need to be to feel worthy?

Are you ready to experience ease, harmony, and freedom in all ways?

Are you ready to fully close chapters from the past that have been in some way imprinting on your present?

Are you ready to live fully and truthfully embodied?



These sessions will assist you in reconnecting with your body and the true wisdom it holds, and are held by me in a space that is meant to meet you exactly where you are on your journey.

Embodiment is just that, a journey that is a continued and deepening promise to yourself to stay, and as you cultivate a deeper and deeper sense of safety within your body, you expand your capacity to move through any feeling, sensation, or experience that arises. No forcing, ridding, or escaping, only flowing, learning and living. These sessions are a together journey towards that forever deepening and intimate dance with ourselves and life, anchored within our heart and body.

In session, you will have space to be fully seen and heard, and we will move through an intuitive experience of somatic and breathwork that is grounding, purifying, and nourishing to your nervous system and body.

We give space for alchemy when we meet ourselves exactly where we are, equipped with the internal connection to move through any experience in an empowered way. We listen to what our body needs, and we let our body move us towards healing the stories and patterns that arise multidimensionally- towards empowered being, empowered choice, and empowered action.

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- Sheesha B.

Stepping into breathwork, especially if you are new to it, can feel quite uncomfortable. Kaitlyn has a home frequency that is safe and calm, like a big warm hug from a dear friend you've been missing. She will guide you as you honor yourself through breath and help you journey to an inner place unique to you. Kaitlyn is encouraging, loving, dedicated, and both a practiced learner and teacher of this work.

- Allie S.

I reached out to Kaitlyn because I saw genuine joy radiating from her like a bright light. Although this was the big token, I saw she was also very raw and shared her whole truth. She was human after all, and wasn't afraid to show it. This was something I craved my whole life. I've struggled for so long with feelings of anxiety and self doubt. In the few months I've worked with her, I've learned more about myself and how to deal with my feelings and turn them into something beautiful. I'm excited to continue to grow into the person who I always knew was in my soul. I couldn't have started this journey without the support of Kaitlyn.